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      "Yes," responded Anna with studied abstraction, "when the window happens to be up. It's so warm to-night, I--"

      De piggies, dey loves buttehmilk."She herself, as a special mark of welcome, escorted them. Esmeralda was amazed at the size of her rooms, and the magnificence of their appointments; and Barker, when the door had closed, could not help exclaiming:

      "Good-evening, my boy." The tone was so kind that Hilary cast a look back. But the General's eyes were straight before him."It will receive orders to move at seven to-morrow morning!" The Creole's fervor amuses the rabble, and when Hilary smiles his earnestness waxes to a frown. Kincaid replies lightly and the rider bends the rein to wheel away, but the slippery stones have their victim at last. The horse's feet spread and scrabble, his haunches go low. Constance snatches both Anna's hands. Ah! by good luck the beast is up again! Yet again the hoofs slip, the rider reels, and Charlie and a comrade dart out to catch him, but he recovers. Then the horse makes another plunge and goes clear down with a slam and a slide that hurl his master to the very sidewalk and make a hundred pale women cry out.

      All right, Johnson! Its IVarley! Keep to the horses; well manage the rest.Are you hurt? he asked, anxiously.

      Historically valuable, you see. Yet through all this impersonal interchange love shone out to love like lamplight through the blinds of two opposite closed windows, and every heart-hiding letter bore enough interlinear revealment of mind and character to keep mutual admiration glowing and growing. We might very justly fancy either correspondent saying at any time in those ten months to impatient or compassionate Cupid what Hilary is reported to have said on one of the greatest days between Manassas and Shiloh, in the midst of a two-sided carnage: "Yes, General, hard hit, but please don't put us out of action."



      Ill buy some if you like, she said; and she pulled up at the linen drapers.


      Soon after Esmeralda heard the great bell in the old tower clang out the dinner-hour, and Lady Wyndover came to her. Her ladyship was all in a little flutter of excitement and delight.