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      Esmeralda started from her miserable reverie.

      The man swung round with an oath to find himself covered by the revolver. His amazement was almost ludicrous, and he looked from Esmeralda to the woman in speechless astonishment for a moment."'To sit in the roses and hear the bird's song!'"

      How much, now, could they hope to clear? Well, the women of Alabama, to build a gun-boat, had raised two hundred thousand dollars, and--"Mon ami"--he showed a roll of "city money" and continued in French--"do you want to make a hundred dollars--fifty now and fifty when you bring me an answer to this?"

      "As if you ever looked at anything selfishly!" said a matron, and there was a patter of hands.Shes alive, she said in a low voice, and with her eyes fixed upon the ground. Youd better fetch a doctor.

      Trafford started to his feet, his face growing red, his lips compressed tightly. Norman looked him straight in the eyes.




      I will wear what you like, she said. Butbut I want a rest. I am tired, and