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      She thought he would never have done fondling her hand. She ground her teeth and endured it."What will Mr. Riever think," he said plaintively.

      "It's 'tendin' strictly to business," remarked Wes Williams."It's certainly a Commissary wagon," said Shorty, after studying it a little.102

      Then he began to wonder if they were not 27overcautious about the nearness of the enemy. He had been in the army just long enough to have contempt for the stories that were always current with a certain class about the proximity and strength of the enemy. Shorty was not of that kind; but, then, Shorty was as liable to be imposed upon as anybody.

      "To Mr. Riever?""I am Miss Broome," said Pen. "I want to see Mr. Riever."

      "Fancy the Nation's capital ... and this!" said Don.Si Floors the Wagonmaster. 154


      These exercises the soldiers always entered into with the heartiest gusto, and the scene will be well remembered by all those who marched."Thank you," said Pen demurely.


      A more perspicacious man might have remarked the little catch of joy with which she said it, but never Pendleton. "The supper is cold," he said fretfully. "Aunt Maria's gone home."[769] Including Bougainville's command. An escaped prisoner told Wolfe, a few days before, that Montcalm still had fourteen thousand men. Journal of an Expedition on the River St. Lawrence. This meant only those in the town and the camps of Beauport. "I don't believe their whole army amounts to that number," wrote Wolfe to Colonel Burton, on the tenth. He knew, however, that if Montcalm could bring all his troops together, the French would outnumber him more than two to one.