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      They did not waste any words with the old woman, but despite her yells and protests Si took hold of one shoulder Shorty the other, and forced her down in the pit and closed the puncheon above her.

      "Y're a-gwine, air yo'?""Thankee, ma'am," said Shorty; "we can't wait. This'll be a plenty, if we kin only git some buttermilk to go with it. We don't want no meat. We git plenty o' that in camp."

      She became very attentive to the Major, and brought for his edification a private bottle of fine old whisky. She set about preparing something for them to eat. haven't kild enny rebbles yet. I hain't even seen one except

      "I say. Shorty," he called, "cum 'ere a minnit, quick!"

      "But we hain't no passes," objected Shorty. "We must go to the Captain and git passes."

      "I guess we two kin handle him," said Shorty, slipping his belt into the holster of the revolver and buckling it on. "Give us a fair show at him, and we don't want no help. I wouldn't mind having it out with Mr. Bolivar all by myself."



      They clung together. His face was wet from hers."Nor me," echoed Si, rather ashamed that he had suggested it.


      The watchman, like everybody else on board the yacht, had gathered from watching his master that Pen was a person to be propitiated. "I'll tell him," he said, and disappeared within the deckhouse."I've got an idee how to fix that old woman," said Shorty suddenly.