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      The fourth day after this dreadful defeat the king received the tidings of the death of Wilhelmina. It was apparently the469 heaviest blow he had ever encountered. The anguish which her death caused him he did not attempt to conceal. In a business letter to Prince Henry we find this burst of feeling:"I hope so," rejoined Bergan, quietly, "for I have learned that I can do nothing worth doing, without it."

      "Is it from the intellect, then," said Bergan, "that the moral sense comes?"

      "Narrow, do you think them? Broad, rather, since they link eternity to time, and give one the long outlook and overlook which alone reveal things in their true relations. No one can construe this world aright, or even satisfactorily, without doing it by the light of the next. As for intellect, Miss Thane, some of the most commanding intellects of the world have been defenders of the 'faith once delivered.' And, if such had been lacking, there is a certain Book that Time has not been able to make obsolete, nor Science to nullify, which tells how, aforetime, God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise: and He can do it again, when the necessity arises."

      Sire, a modest post in the octroi of my little town would

      Always eager to marry his officers, he was often very peremptory about it.


      I cant. I must go home.


      Do not press each other, my children. Take care of yourselves that the horses may not trample upon you, and that no accident may happen.


      "Hardly that yet," interposed the doctor, smiling, "though I trust he may be, in good time. I know your uncle very well," he continued, addressing Bergan, as the landlord moved away,"indeed, I may say, your two uncles,if that be any ground of acquaintance. But I have the advantage of you, in that I heard your name just now;mine is RemyFelix Remyvery much at your service. Not that this announcement places us on an equal footing; for, while your name puts me at once in possession of your antecedents, to a certain extent, mine tells you nothing about me except that I am of French descent. Are you willing to take the rest on trust, until a fitting time for a fuller explanation?" And the doctor held out his hand.