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      Is the duke down? he asked.

      A charming sight she was, even in that moment of public enthusiasm and spectacle, holding the wondering stare of her companion with a gayety that seemed ready to break into laughter. The dainty Madame went limp, and in words as slow and soft as her smile, sighed, "You are a genius!"The man began a grin, but it died away at a look that suddenly came into Varleys face.

      Bending with noiseless laughter the negro nodded and went.He felt that he would be wise to remain the night there, but the place depressed him, and it seemed to him that he could know no rest until he had found Norman and Esmeralda. He lay, with his head upon his hand, watching the horse and still[318] feeling half stupefied, when suddenly he knew that something alive was approaching him. It was dusk now, it would soon be dark. He peered into the shadow of the bush from whence the sound came, and his hand sought his revolver. A moment or two later a tall, well-built figure emerged from the bush and approached the hut, a horse followed at a little distance with drooping head, as if too weary for anything save following in his masters footsteps.

      Both Trafford and Varley started as if to go also; but Norman waved them back.I suppose not, said Ada. Some day he will meet the[111] lady who is fated to be his wife. She will be a very lucky person, dont you think?

      There were no triumphal arches, but groups of the Belfayre people were gathered by the road-side and round the gates. The bells had been set ringing, and men were standing on the tower with the flag-ropes in their hands, ready to hoist it the moment his grace the duke should cross the threshold. A hearty welcome awaited them, and the good folks were just as eager to see Esmeralda as Trafford himself.Esmeraldas hand closed tightly, and she raised her head and looked at Lady Adas pale face for an instant, then lowered her eyes.

      I dont think Trafford has made any plans; but you seem to have thought it all out.



      Yes, she assented, dully. I am to blame for being so ignorantmore than all the restand I do not want to make everybody unhappy and bring disgrace onon the duke and Lilias.She could not have denied herself the note of triumph if her life had depended upon it.


      The clerk glanced at the office clock.