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      That is all right, he said."Why, in outward manner, yes; but, Smith, he was raised to be a Catholic priest. I could a heap-sight easier trust him if he'd sometimes show distrust, himself. If he ever does I've never seen it. And yet--Oh, we're the best of friends, and I'm speaking now only as a friend and toe a friend. Oh, if it wa'n't for just one thing, I could admit what Major Harper said of him not ten minutes ago to me; that you never finish talking to Ned Ferry without feeling a little brighter, happier and cleaner than when you began; whereas talking with some men it's just the reverse."

      "I suppose we might call him a romanticist," said I, "might we not?"

      CHAPTER EIGHT"Yes, 'tis for that I lend him."

      "Need you ask?" Gordon Bruce said gallantly. "You are my patroness, you know. Your word is final in everything. And since you declared at a fashionable gathering that Dr. Gordon Bruce was the man for nerve-troubles I have found it necessary to hire a second horse."

      "Yes," breathed Rose, wondering what exactly he meant.

      "I should think it would be a very painful remedy," Fred remarked, "and that a man would be quite unwilling to have it applied."Poor father, she said. Im sorry, whatever it is.


      "What's that?" shouted Arthur, backing away. "What's that you said?"


      "And you consider that a reasonable request?"But Alice fixed earnest eyes on him.


      "But it happened," the Curate whispered. "It really did happenand we shall hear and see more. I only hope I shall be well enough to stand it. We are living in great days."THRESHING GRAIN. THRESHING GRAIN.