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      "Well, what is it?" Shorty called back, crustily.

      A master stood in the lighted entrance, holding to the sides with both hands."I can'toh!"

      "'O why, because sickness hath wasted my body,

      "May the masters live forever.

      "They are like small ones all the days of their lives, and only the masters are elders."

      "Why, them men back there on the switch cautioned us above all things not to let the rebels git the drop on us when we come to that crick; that we wouldn't see nothin' of 'emnothin' but a low bank, behind which they wuz hid, with their guns pokin' through the brush, but the moment we see the bank breastwork throwed up along the crick we must let into it. That's what it's for. The rebels throwed it up to hide behind. Them men said that the brush back there was as full o' rebels as a hound o' fleas, and that we must let into 'em the moment we see the bank, or they'd git the drop on us. They had an awful time there theirselves, and they gave us all the catridges they had left for us to use."

      "I'm sorryfather's not at home," she said in answer to his question.


      "I see this when you teach me before," the Albert said in almost a disappointed tone.



      "Yesleastways four of 'em do. Two havehave left home."